A [ south west ] Design Review Panel, also known as 'The Devon & Somerset Design Review Panel', offers 
independent, multidisciplinary, professional, constructive, responsive, peer review during the design & pre-application planning stage with the aim of creating excellence in the design of the built environment.

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Our south west Design Review Panel Background:


The Design Review Panel  has the aim of creating excellence in the design of the built environment across the south west region, through the provision of a south west design review panel of multidiciplinary, independent, impartial experts. Full details of the multidiciplinary Panel Members can be seen by clicking here ...


The Design Review Panel provides independent professional advice to councils, applicants, design teams and communities on design issues in regard to significant new built environment proposals for public spaces, private developer projects, housing developments and single houses including paragraph 55 homes.


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Examples of Projects Reviewed:

How we work towards creating excellence:


The main aspiration is to offer high quality, independent, professional and constructive peer review from a multidisciplinary panel of experts, with the aim of creating excellence in the design standards of significant and major development projects across the south west region of the United Kingdom.


Our south west Design Review Panel:-


  • is carried out by an impartial group of multidisciplinary built environment professionals who are passionate in their aims of creating excellence and who collectively provide a wide range of relevant, hands on, commercial experience in design and construction in the south west and beyond

  • is being offered to provide helpful comments to applicants and their design teams on projects, helping to improve them. The Design Review Panel's role is not to fundamentally redesign proposals or question the clients underlying brief but to help assist in creating excellence within design proposals


  • helps local authorities by providing suggestions on how to improve design quality, with an aim of creating excellence across the south west region for the benefit of communities.


  • helps Councils and community groups to prevent the approval of badly designed projects


  • helps Councils to approve proposals that have been designed well

Local Authority Recommendation:

“Achieving high quality places is at the heart of how we do things in Mendip.  We are fortunate to be the custodians of an outstanding area and recognise that securing first-rate design is vital both for our residents and for our local economy.  We already strongly encourage applicants to seek advice on their schemes prior to making formal applications and have been looking for some time to formalise our independent design review arrangements.  I am delighted that the Council has decided to endorse the Devon and Somerset Design Review Panel.  Our planning members are clear that they intend to afford significant weight to the views of the Panel, sure in the knowledge that the advice applicants receive will be impartial and based on extensive local expertise..” - Ian Bowen Planning Manager, Mendip District Council - 2016

10 Founding Principles of Design Review


  • ​Independent

  • Expert

  • Multidisciplinary

  • Accountable

  • Transparent

  • Proportional

  • Timely

  • Advisory

  • Objective

  • Understandable


JULY, 2015

 ‘Design Review Panel: Brochure’: This document has been produced by The Design Review Panel to provide an overview on the workings of the Design Review Panel. The report includes a series of testimonials that demonstrate how the Panel is creating excellence in the design standards of the built environment across the south west region through the provison of Design / PLACE Review 

AUGUST, 2013

 ‘Design Review: Principles and Practice’ :- This document has been created by CABE at the Design Council, the Landscape Institute, the RTPI and the RIBA. The Devon & Somerset Design Review Panel use this documnet as the basis for its terms of reference.

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